ACL Injury

Tears of ACL are common among sports people. It occurs in those who play sports involving pivoting Eg. Football, Basketball, Netball, Soccer etc.

Incidence rate of ACL tear is about 9.7 times higher in females.
ACL Tear occurs at times with meniscal and articular cartilage injury.

Symptoms :

  • Most complete tears are extremely painful
  • Initially unable to continue the activity
  • Large effusion / Haemarthrosis
  • Restricted movement, specially loss of extension
  • Widespread Tenderness


  • P- Protection, R- Rest, I-Ice, C- Compression, E-Elevation
  • Physiotherapy Assessment
  • Stabilization, Precautions and Home Programme
  • Pain Management with Advanced Modalities
  • Reduces inflammation, Swelling, Oedema
  • Reduces Muscle tightness, Stiffness and Spasm
  • Improves Strength and Endurance
  • Strengthening of Hamstring muscles
  • Tapping for maintaining proper positioning and fast healing
  • Laser for Instant Pain Relief
  • Proprioceptive and Balance Training
  • Gait Training

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