Anti Stress & Relaxation Programme

Anti Stress & Relaxation Programme

The Anti Stress & Relaxation program focuses on that is for re-balancing health and energy level and maintaining them to live life  stress free and to your fullest potential.

It includes the following:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Meditation
  • Reflexology
  • Diet modification
  • Sujok therapy


Better coping with stress- Exercise becomes an avenue where a person gets “time off”From the usual stresses that he faces daily. Through physical exertion, he is able to release the stresses that he has accumulated, and he also becomes better in handling future has also been studied that prolonged exercise can result into a “runner’s high “This occurs when endorphins, or the body’s natural pain-killers, are released, bringing about a sense of well-being and happiness after a hard day’s workout

More Restful Sleep- Because of physical exertion, the body will naturally require rest. People who exercise regularly have more restful sleep.

 Improved Ability to focus- Research has shown that exercise stimulates the secretion of chemicals such as the brain neurotropic factor (BDNf). This stimulates neurons to branch and connect in more ways. More neural connections mean that the brain can learn and focus better.

Reduced Blood Pressure- Exercise helps in reducing the arterial resistance by maintaining the elasticity of the arteries. This helps in reducing the pressure that the heart has to overcome in order pump blood into the arteries. If arterial resistance is high, the heart has to pump harder to overcome this resistance, resulting in high blood pressure.

Improved posture- Proper posture is important in ensuring that the bones and muscles of the body are aligned properly to ensure that they can work efficiently whether during movement or static position. Good posture also ensures that the bones are in correct alignment and is not unduly stressed. Improper posture can overstress bone such as the spine which can result into back pains and eventual degeneration of the spinal discs.

Reduced Aches and pain- Since the body is accustomed to exercise, itwill not easily get injured during activity. People who do not exercise can get easily injured while doing even usual activities. With proper posture, bodily pains such as low back pain, and shoulder and upper arm pains are avoided.

Stronger Muscles and Bones- muscles respond to the stresses brought by exercise via hypertrophy. The muscles develop new muscles in order to meet the extra demand for power. The bones also become sturdier with exercise. Bones become stronger in response to stress that is loaded unto itself by the muscles attached to it. By exercising, the body ensures that the bones are absorbing calcium from the blood.

Improved Pulmonary Efficiency- the lungs supply the body with oxygen and get rid of the carbon dioxide from the blood. Under normal or sedentary conditions, the body is not utilizing all lung fields. Exercise causes the body to inflate all lung fields due to the increased demand for oxygen.

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