18 March

Women’s Day Special

DIFFERENT STAGES OF WOMEN LIFE INFANT Wry neck SCHOOL GOING GIRL CHILD Flat foot Bag pack/Sports injuries Stress related spasm GIRL CHILD REACHING TO PUBERTY Menstruation Homonal changes Calcium & …
29 February


EASY WAY TO DE-STRESS Sometimes in life, we need to take a break to relax and rejuvenate our mind, body and soul. This, in return will increase our productivity and …
28 December

Neck & Shoulder Exercises

Neck Isometric : 1. Sit on chair comfortably 2. Place both hands behind ear on head 3. Put opposite pressure with Hands & Head (hands will push head and head …
26 December

Back Exercises Home Program

1.Lie on back comfortably with bend your leg from knees 2.Place a pillow between knees 3.Now press the pillow / tummy in / contract gluteal muscles and lift your hips …
10 October

New Emerging Lifestyle Issues

Occupational Lifestyle Issues Like Joint And Muscles Pains: New Emerging Issues, By Dr. Ridwana Sanam (Consultant Physiotherapist) “Lifestyle diseases are the ones whose occurrence is primarily based on the daily …

03 October

Day to day Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy has become an eminent part of our life, instead of medicines or surgeries people prefer physiotherapy. But, when it comes to regular health checkups people tend to become very …

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