Women’s Day Special

DIFFERENT STAGES OF WOMEN LIFE INFANT Wry neck SCHOOL GOING GIRL CHILD Flat foot Bag pack/Sports injuries Stress related spasm GIRL CHILD REACHING TO PUBERTY Menstruation Homonal changes Calcium & Vitamin D deficiency ANTEL NATAL Joint Pain Muscle weakness POST DELIVERY/POST NATAL Toning up of muscle De-stress management MENOPAUSE Ageing & Muscle weakness Vit D [...]


EASY WAY TO DE-STRESS Sometimes in life, we need to take a break to relax and rejuvenate our mind, body and soul. This, in return will increase our productivity and we will be full of new ideas and fresh energy to tackle all the hurdles and move forward. Here is list of few things you [...]


LEG EXERCISE #1 KNEE EXTENSION Sit comfortably on a chair Extend your one leg out in front of you parallel to the floor. Avoid locking your knee. Then, slowly bring your foot back down to the floor.This will feel like a kicking motion. Then repeat with your other leg. Repeat 10 times with each leg [...]

Neck & Shoulder Exercises

Neck Isometric : 1. Sit on chair comfortably 2. Place both hands behind ear on head 3. Put opposite pressure with Hands & Head (hands will push head and head will push hands) 4. Hold for few seconds and release 5. Now do with Hand on sides just upside the ear and put opposite pressure [...]

Back Exercises Home Program

1.Lie on back comfortably with bend your leg from knees 2.Place a pillow between knees 3.Now press the pillow / tummy in / contract gluteal muscles and lift your hips up as much as you can in painfree position. 4.Hold the position for5-10 sec according to your comfort. 5.Then slowly come down Repeat 10 times [...]

New Emerging Lifestyle Issues

Occupational Lifestyle Issues Like Joint And Muscles Pains: New Emerging Issues, By Dr. Ridwana Sanam (Consultant Physiotherapist) “Lifestyle diseases are the ones whose occurrence is primarily based on the daily habits of people and are a result of an inappropriate relationship of people with their environment. The main factors contributing to lifestyle diseases include bad […]

How to ensure effective ergonomics in office and to prevent musculoskeletal injuries

Educate and involve employees Employees perform their work much more effectively & precisely. Often they are the best source for pointing out any kind of postural problems. Educating your employees on ergonomics will help them in offering more meaningful suggestions and they will feel like they are the part of the solution. Keep employees involved […]

How to take care of your spinal cords

Our life has become hectic these days and back pain has become very mainstream. Not taking care of your spinal cords can lead to a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, or strained muscles. Here, we are sharing a few techniques you could follow in your daily life to get rid of various back pain. Sitting posture […]

Day to day Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy has become an eminent part of our life, instead of medicines or surgeries people prefer physiotherapy. But, when it comes to regular health checkups people tend to become very lenient. So keeping that aspect in mind, we are introducing such ways that you could perform at home without any physician and take care of […]

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