New Emerging Lifestyle Issues

Occupational Lifestyle Issues Like Joint And Muscles Pains:

New Emerging Issues, By Dr. Ridwana Sanam (Consultant Physiotherapist)

“Lifestyle diseases are the ones whose occurrence is primarily based on the daily habits of people and are a result of an inappropriate relationship of people with their environment. The main factors contributing to lifestyle diseases include bad food habits, physical inactivity, wrong body posture, and disturbed biological clock. And we call it sometimes Overuse Occupational syndrome where the body is over used but not refueled by exercises, supplements, change in posture etc,” says Dr. Ridwana Sanam, Renowned physiotherapist in the world and founder of KRV Healthcare and Physiotherapy pvt ltd.

Talking about the life of political leaders, Civi services officers or employees, we see they have very particular kind of a life style like travelling a lot, standing a lot and rarely sitting and on top of that they use mobile phones a lot. Because of this particular life style, neck, back and knees are the most affected areas in such people.

With advancement of our lifestyle we have become dependent on technology and gadgets which directly have an impact on our health. Regular spending of lot of time in front of computer may lead to neck and back pain because body is going to begin to change and adapt to take on this frequent activity.

The front neck muscles will slowly grow shorter and tighter, while the muscles in the back of the neck will grow longer and weaker. The stiffening of neck also is a common problem along with headache, fatigue and exhaustion. Wrong sitting or standing posture while working gives strain to the backbone and gives a chronic back pain. The mobile in pent pocket and the heat generated by laptops kept on the lap of males cause decrease in sperm count. Other extensively used gadget is mobile phone which is supposed to be a culprit for a number of diseases and aliments.

According to a survey conducted by the Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ASSOC-HAM), 68% of working men and women in the age bracket of 21-52 years were found to be afflicted with lifestyle ailments such as obesity, depression, chronic backache, diabetes and hypertension.

These are few examples which Dr. Ridwana explains in one of her interviews with us.

But there are solutions in Physiotherapy for such ailments. Physiotherapy is one of those health professions that people can turn to when they have any kind of chronic pains and aches instead of taking home remedies and  making it worse. 

Physiotherapy treatment may include massage, electoral modalities, therapeutic exercise programs and functional training. Exercise programs strengthen, mobilize, stretch, and build exercise endurance and tolerance.

Physiotherapist not only treat the present conditions but also help evaluate how one does an activity, provides the customized exercise programme and makes suggestions for doing the activity in a way that prevents the disease or reoccurrence of the musculoskeletal disease, which is called preventive physiotherapy.

We see and treat so many patients who have sedentary and stressful life style who are in politics, bureaucracy, corporate world and others facing such issues and going for pain killers at initial stages till the pain is tolerable but then after long duration use of painkillers they only not damage kidneys but they let disease to increase and damage the joints and then they have to go for the surgeries to think that’s is the shortest and easy solution to become fit but surgeries are only helpful if you later take precautions and perform customized exercises prescribed by the knowledgeable and experienced physiotherapist and so is with conservative treatment and physiotherapy to prevent the surgery, So why to go and get operated when you can get better with change in life style or by taking physiotherapy.

What Experts Wants You to Know About Physiotherapy

There are several different ways of getting healed in pain occurring in different parts of body, Physiotherapy is one of way. Because of it’s increasing role in physical health maintenance. So  more and more people feel curious about knowing what physiotherapy is all about and how they can get served with it.

               Life activities and pain in body parts exist simultaneously. So to know how an Experienced Physiotherapist in India can cure your bodily pain  it is best to ask an expert for its benefits. Available information on the Internet may or may not cover all the answers you are looking for in terms of physiotherapy. But if you really want to get valuable information specific to your needs, it is best to an expert physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy – Solution for Longstanding Pain

There are thousands of people in this world who are found suffering with longstanding pain that does not seem to end with time. But alongside, lot of them has also felt the effects of physiotherapy to be relieving in nature. Chronic diseases such as osteoarthritis, disc disease and multiple sclerosis are found to be well served with regular physiotherapy served by expert practitioners. These experts will not only provide in-clinic therapy, but also advice the patients regarding use of heat and ice, muscle strengthening exercise. The combined effect of therapy as well as home exercise advices results in positive reviews about physiotherapy.

Prior Assessment of Patients to find the Best Solution

Not all patients looking for the services of a physiotherapist suffers from the same kind of pain. But to know which technique is to be used to serve their specific needs, physiotherapist follows the standard disease assessment procedure. Joint mobilization, manual therapy, progression and regression, they will cover it all and serve their patients with best results.

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