Case Studies

Case Studies

I was suffering from Shoulder Pain. I visited to KRV Physiotherapy Gurgaon for the treatment of my shoulder problem. I Got my consultation done by Dr.Ridwana Sanam. She answered my all queries and designed the best treatment protocol for me. with in the 10days session of treatment i am feeling 100% relief from my problem.I m really thankful to Dr.Ridwana Sanam and her expert team of therapists for making me pain free.I would say if anyone wants to get physiotherapy treatment. KRV is the best place.

Mr.James Jino


I was suffering from Knee Injury.I Visited KRV Physiotherapy Gurgaon for my problem and got my consultant done by Dr.Ridwana Sanam and took treatment.I am very Happy with the Customized Treatment provided for my problem .I feel satisfied with quality service.I got Relief in One Day.I really Thankful to Dr.RidwanaSanam and Her team for the Best and Quality Treatment.I would like to recommend all the sports persons for preventive checkup and early detection of the problem by proper diagnosis and treatment. Wish You Good Luck Dr.Ridwana Sanam and Team.

Mr. SunilSharma (An International Runner)


“I came to KRV with intense pain in my neck, shoulders, back and buttocks due to a neglected scoliosis. After a solid diagnosis, a treatment plan was made and over the last one month I have experienced great pain relief and I have now started to straighten my scoliosis with manual therapy and lots of intensive exercise. The staff at KRV is both friendly and knowledgeable. Getting treatment at KRV is the best decision I made in a long time.”

Dianne Kapoor-Elsinga ,Professional Coach


I am a Graduation Student and a Football Player. Two Years Ago during playing Football I got injured. My right knee got swollen. I was in pain. I consult Orthopedics in Chandigarh. I came to know my ACL has been Torne. He Recommended me Surgery But I was not in that state of mind I could go for surgery as I wanted to apply for exam of defense. My friends also suggested me to go for surgery as there is no chance of recovery of ACL Tear. But I didn’t lose hope. I continued my daily routine of playing; running etc. and I felt I was recovering. But suddenly during match I got injured once again. That time I planned not to take proper treatment and I was planning to consult to physiotherapist. Suddenly I came to know about KRV Healthcare & Physiotherapy Pvt. Ltd. I visited there and consulted to Dr. Ridwana Sanam.  She motivated me that there would be no requirement of surgery. Best Treatment would be given. I took treatment of 1 month from them and Proper followed Precaution and proper prescription by Doctor. Now I am feeling good I participated in 21.1Km Dailyworld Marthon in Chandigarh. I felt Proud I finished the Race and Received Finisher Medal.

Its just Because of motivation and Dedicated Treatment by Experts. In short I want to say KRV Team is very dedicated team, Excellent Service Providers. Thanks to Dr. Ridwana Sanam and Team

Karan Singh Kumpawat

Since last two years back,I got acute knee pain in both knee.The pain was radiating in left leg more than right. Then,I consulted best orthopedic Doctor Kumar Ashwini at Patna.He advised me for physiotherapy.

Then I consulted with best physiotherapy centre of Dr Ridwana Sanam,Patna,called K R V,physiotherapy centre,aAshiana-digha road,opp.

Passport-office,Patna.After ten days treatment of Dr Ridwana Sanam at K R V,physiotherapy centre,Ashiana-digha road,Patna, I felt great change in my relief in both the knees.I can now easily walk and can go easily to bath-room.I gave thank to Dr Ridwana Sanam and I still ,am going through her treatment since last one and half years.

I followed the prescribed medicines of Dr Ridwana Sanam and continue attended the physiotherapy treatment of TENS and STIMULATION at K R V centre of physiotherapy centre,Ashiana-digha road,Patna.Now I am feeling much better than before.I want to give thanks always to Dr.Ridwana Sanam and her team at physiotherapy centre.

Previously,I heard from so many Doctors of orthopedic treatment to go through surgery,but I denied and will deny and suggest to our near & dear not to go through surgery with any orthopaedic Doctor.

Dinanath choudhary
Retired State Bank of India’s officer

I was a patient of cervical spondylosis  and often get pain in lower back too.  I used to take physiotherapy treatment from another clinic in and got relief too, But somehow I was not satisfied with the cleanliness and the unhygienic conditions of another clinics where I took treatment and moreover proper attention was not given to the patients.

Then one of my relative who took treatment from KRV Healthcare and Physiotherapy Pvt.Ltd Centre at  Sec-14 Faridabad suggested me to go to KRV  and  I went there. Doctor here told me that All the treatments are guided by Renowned Physiotherapist Dr. Ridwana Sanam(Founder of KRV)

I had a very good experience here as I took 7 Sessions for my neck pain and  got  100% relief with full satisfaction Now I can say I reached the right place.

I had a very pleasing experience there and will suggest my family and friends to go to KRV for physiotherapy treatment if needed.

Ms. Kamlesh Kalia
Retired Bank Employee

2 Months Back I Got Acute Lower Back Pain.The Pain was Radiating in left leg.Then i consulted Best Ortho and Neuro Surgeon in Delhi NCR. But got only 10% Relief with Medication and Rest for 15Days as prescribed.  With Medicine and Rest pain got slow down but i was not able to move. Ortho Surgeon recommend  Surgery for Slip Disc(L4-L5-S1) And Sciatica.But as I m Doctor i never wanted to get surgery done.

Then My Neighbor in Faridabad  told me about KRV and Dr.Ridwana Sanam.But he insisted me to get 1st consultation done by Dr.Ridwana Sanam only and then start treatment from KRV Physiotherapist. As he shown the confident that i will get 100% relief.Then I booked Dr.Ridwana Sanam consultation at KRV Headoffice,Gurgaon and on the i went there i was using stick to walk.After Consultation from Her and 1st day of treatment by Her and Her Team Members(Trained by Her) Ii got 50% Relief.After Treatment from Her Dedicated Team of Physiotherapist i got 100% relief after 20 sessions and some precautions they told me to follow.Now I can walk normally without any type of Stick.

Thanks to Dr. Ridwana Sanam and Her Team for the Dedication towards the patients.I am 100% Satisfied with the Treatment.
God Bless them

Dr. A.B. Bhatia

Her age is 39 years and she got injury while working out over treadmill. She got a severe pain in both the knees as well as marked limping. She has been diagnosed with IDK (Internal Derangement of Knee) B/L. She had lost energy hope of getting well. But when she approached KRV Healthcare and Physiotherapy and fitness centre, she got marked improvement after one and a half month of treatment. She got well and able to walk properly. Now she is on follow up programs.

Mrs. Nikita (Housewife)

She is 81 years old lady. She came to us with a complaint of severe low backache and she was totally bedridden due to this back pain for past ten days. She has been diagnosed with lumbar spondylosis marked osteopenia. But KRV has given her hope of getting well. In twenty sessions we have made her stand and walk on her won. Now she is much better than before. She has gift 80% improvement.

Mrs. Kamla Batas (Housewife)

Her age is 40 years. She fell from the second floor and she got badly injured. She complained of severe low backache. Her x-ray and clinical examination reveals of early lumbar spondylosis. KRV has recommended her fifteen sessions of physical therapy. She got completely cured.

Mrs. Nikhat (Housewife)

His age is 35 years and he met with an accident during photo shoot. He had fractured his left calcaneus. He had undergone through ORTF (Open Reduction Internal Fixation) and after the removal of cast he approached us for joint mobilization and gait training. He came to us on crutches. After one month of treatment, he is now walking without support. He is climbing stairs as well.

Mr. Charanjeet

He is 79 years old. He had a severe low back pain and pain in both the knees. His x-ray reveals that he has osteoarthritis in both the knees and lumbar spondylosis. KRV has cured him completely. Now he has no pain.He is 79 years old. He had a severe low back pain and pain in both the knees. His x-ray reveals that he has osteoarthritis in both the knees and lumbar spondylosis. KRV has cured him completely. Now he has no pain.

Mr. S. N. Malik (Ex-Chairman of MMTC, India)

He is 45 years old. He had a low back pain for past 15 years. His MRI reveals that he had got PIVD (Disc Prolapse) at L5-S1 level. KRV has given him 99% results in just twenty sessions.

Dr. S. C. Gupta (Skin & VD specialist, B. K. Hospital, Faridabad)

I am 64 years old suffering from calcaneal spur from last one month, having prolonged standing job. I got marked improvement after getting treatment in KRV . Now I got well and able to walk properly . Thanks to the whole team of KRV for their excellent job.

Mr Shakeel Ahamad. (Gurgaon)

I am 35 years old having severe low back pain from last 8 years. I was not able to walk as my pain radiates in the legs when i came to KRV. After getting treatment I am able to walk as well as to perform my household activities. I got 100 % relief after getting treatment. Thanks to krv and their doctors for their kind support and treatment.

Mrs . Swati Gudwani.(Gurgaon)

I am 60 years old and met with an accident and got multiple fracture of humerus. I went for ORIF(open reduction internal fixation ). One month after surgery my shoulder, elbow and wrist joint range of motion was totally lost and I had severing swelling in my left hand. I had many physiotherapy sessions in different hospitals and clinics but didn’t got improvement. After getting treatment of one month in Krv, I am now able to perform my ADLs as well as able to drive. KRV has cured me completely. God bless krv for their excellent job.

Mr. Ashok( Gurgaon)

I am 36 years old from Japan, regular player of golf suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome from last 4 weeks. I had came to KRV for instant pain relief. My pain was disappeared after couple of sessions from KRV. I wish Krv and their whole team all the very best for their future success.

Mr. Fujji(GM, Penta Ocean, Gurgaon )

I am 59 years old suffering from severe low back pain. My pain radiates below knees. When I came to krv I am not able to walk properly. After getting treatment in KRV I can walk properly and can even able to perform activities of daily livings. I am totally satisfied with the treatment and attention I had received from krv team. Thanks to the doctors for their kind support.

Mrs. Kamlesh shrivastava( house wife, Gurgaon )

I am 48 years old obese came with B/ L osteoarthritis of knee joint since 8 years. Due to my heavy weight I cannot able to stand and walk few steps as well as not able to bend my knees. I was totally depressed and hopeless of getting well . After getting treatment I got totally relieved and can walk and climb stairs properly. God bless to krv and their doctors for motivating me and treating me with proper attention. I totally satisfied with their services.

Mrs. Jagwati (Gurgaon)

I am 55 years old having severe back , neck pain along with pain in both knees. I am not able to do my desk work and faces difficulty while climbing stairs. But KRV has given me a hope of getting well. After treatment I got 100% relief in my pain. Thanks to krv team for their wonderful treatment.

Mr. Arun Kr Mathur (Architect)

I am 44 years old from Bihar suffering from severe low back pain from last 6 months. My orthopedic surgeon reffered me to Delhi for the treatment. I have concerned to my doctors and hospitals in Delhi and Gurgaon but didn’t got any relief. But KRV gave me a magical treatment through which my pain got relieved in just 3 days. Now I am under preventive programs given by the doctors. Thanks to Dr. Ridwana and their team for the treatment. God bless KRV and Doctors for their proper attention and treatment.

Mr. Sheel Priyam (Gurgaon)

I am 73years old. I came with a complaint of left side weakness & unable to maintain balance while standing, walking and climbing. I got my treatment done in KRV Healthcare and Physiotherapy Pvt. Ltd. and got excellent improvement within two months. Thanks to KRV and team.

Mrs. Mohini Dhawa (Housewife,Gurgaon)

I am 28 years old. I had a complaint of left side face paralysis with mild pain. I was really very depressed and felt inferior as my face looks too odd. Then I heard about KRV Healthcare and Physiotherapy Pvt. Ltd. and after getting 20 days treatment only I felt a drastic change in my face. I am really very thankful to KRV and their respective team for their tremendous and miraculous work.


I am 35 years old. I had a complaint of continuous pain in neck since 1 month and had fear of taking medicines. Then I got to know about Physiotherapy and came to KRV Healthcare and Physiotherapy Pvt. Ltd. They treated me very well that I forget whether I was having any neck pain before. I bless to KRV and there hard working team.

Mrs.Parul Arora (Phillips,Gurgaon)

I am 65 years old. I had a fall few months back and then gradually I had problem with my balance. I lost my balance at times that I had a tendency to fall, my left side also got weakened. After getting treatment in KRV Healthcare and Physiotherapy Pvt. Ltd., I am able to stand and walk with confidence without any fear of falling and taking any kind of assistance from anybody. I pay all my regards to KRV doctors. Thank you everybody for their fabulous work at KRV.

Dr. Mohammad Iqbal, Gurgaon

I am 29 years. I met with an accident few months back and after that I was least bothered about my leg after removal of plaster. After that I felt like my joint was not working, it was got stiffer day by day and it starts hampering my daily activities. I faced problems at every moment. Then I took treatment in KRV Healthcare and Physiotherapy Pvt. Ltd. and got fruitful results within few days. Now I m able to walk and perform my daily activities without any hindrances. I am highly obliged to KRV and their team members.

Mr.VineetArora, TCS Gurgaon