Physiotherapy has become an eminent part of our life, instead of medicines or surgeries people prefer physiotherapy. But, when it comes to regular health checkups people tend to become very lenient. So keeping that aspect in mind, we are introducing such ways that you could perform at home without any physician and take care of yourself without spending much time or money.

Better Posture

Practice better posture at your workplace and in your home, it keeps your spine healthy and strong for a very long time. Right posture stops the occurrence of various spine-related problems and keeps you healthy & active.


Continuous massage relaxes the body and increases the blood flow, providing appropriate nutrition to the spine by keeping it healthy for a longer period without a lot of effort.

Exercise and Yoga

The healthiest way to keep your body healthy and intact is to do exercise and yoga, it increases blood flow, make your body more flexible, and helps in managing stress and anxiety.


Make your diet enriched with nutrition, vitamins, and minerals; a wholesome diet can save you from many diseases, infections, fatigue, and poor performance.


Meditation has become a necessity in today’s world and it helps in eliminating all the negativity, worries, tensions, and anxiety from our life. It helps in making us happy even in this speedy life, do take 10-15 minutes every day and meditate for a healthy body and mind.

These are the few measures you could take in your home or your workplace for a happy and healthy life. Taking care of yourself doesn’t require a lot of effort and time, you just have to perform small measures that can help you in staying fit and healthy.

Even after applying these efforts you cannot get desired results and need expert advice, do contact KRV Healthcare and Physiotherapy we would be happy to help you.

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