Our life has become hectic these days and back pain has become very mainstream. Not taking care of your spinal cords can lead to a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, or strained muscles. Here, we are sharing a few techniques you could follow in your daily life to get rid of various back pain.

  • Sitting posture should be according to ergonomics

Follow ergonomics while sitting on your office desk or at home as the discs in your lower spine are loaded 3 times more while sitting than standing, so long periods of sitting can create or aggravate a painful back condition. Moreover, when sitting at a desk or looking at a computer screen, our natural tendency is to slouch and lean forward, stressing our lumbar discs even more.

  • Encourage the Massage

Massage has its own therapeutic benefit, it works as a body’s natural pain killer. Massage increases the blood flow and which in turn brings healing nutrients to the affected area and can speed healing.

  • Shoes for spine

No matter if you are sitting or standing, shoes play an important role in supporting your lower back. Good shoes support spine perfectly and good shoes, should fit perfectly and look comfortable. A shoe shouldn’t be oversized or extremely tight according to your foot.

  • Choose your food wisely

Your daily diet plays an important role in maintaining the health of your spine. Try limiting your diet mostly to foods you would find in nature—vegetables, fruits, meats, whole grains, and legumes. Eating foods that are high in calcium and other nutrients and vitamins can help prevent spinal problems like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Finally, maintaining a proper weight through exercise and a healthy diet can reduce pressure on the spine and minimize back pain.

  • Stay hydrated

Our intervertebral (spinal) disks are vulnerable to loss of hydration and can begin to lose height. As spinal disks begin to shrink, you become more susceptible to painful disk conditions. So, Stay hydrated as it is important in maintaining soft tissue’s elasticity and fluidity in joints.

  • Pay attention to any warning signs

Although it’s common to have back pain once in a while, but sometimes it can indicate a more serious problem. If left untreated, problems with your spine can worsen with time and become serious. Listen to your body and notice the signs. Don’t overdo gym or work, or self-medicate to relieve symptoms. Seek medical care to learn about your spine and the correct treatment for your symptoms.

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