KRV Foundation

KRV Foundation

KRV Foundation, a non profit charitable trust was registered in 2017 is an initiative by Dr. Ridwana Sanam for the welfare of society and underprivileged.
Being a self funded initiative , Dr. Ridwana sanam has nurtured the charitable organisation with utmost honesty, compassion, ethics and kept the welfare of the community as her priority. She always contributed every month about 20 percent gross income of KRV Healthcare and Physiotherapy pvt Ltd to KRV foundation for charity.
Our holistic intervention in healthcare, skill development, job consultation and hiring, education, training and women empowerment provides innovative solution to deep rooted problems of our society.

Vision & Mission
To achieve social and economic transformation where all people have pathways to health, education and opportunity.

KRV Foundation has always focussed towards the upliftment of the society through establishing several projects in the area of community health, women empowerment, spiritual enlightenment, job creation and skill development to large number of beneficiaries.
With a special emphasis on women empowerment, Dr. Ridwana has facilitated the women at National level. She is the women influencer of Womenovator Jammu & Kashmir where she has supported and given opportunity to women entrepreneurs at a large scale.
KRV Foundation under her leadership has conducted various Health camps, majorly focussing on the physical health assessment, mental health counselling, diet and nutrition consultation and fitness sessions for antenatal and postnatal care. Alongside KRV Foundation has conducted many spiritual health campaigns focussing on spiritual well-being and meditation.
KRV Foundation has also taken initiative to collaborate with Government institutes, Corporates and NGOs as a partner for conducting skill development programs, educational training for wellness professionals and incubation drives for Physiotherapy entrepreneurs.

We, at KRV Foundation are strongly committed to improve access to quality of life, education, health and employment opportunities for the society.

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