Neck Isometric :

1. Sit on chair comfortably

2. Place both hands behind ear on head

3. Put opposite pressure with Hands & Head (hands will push head and head will push hands)

4. Hold for few seconds and release

5. Now do with Hand on sides just upside the ear and put opposite pressure

6. Repeat with another side

Repeat 10 times

3 Point Pressure :

1.Lie on Bed or Yoga Mat

2.Bend your elbow as shown in pic

3.Now make pressure on 3 points i.e. Head & both elbow

4.Hold for few secondsand release

Repeat 10 times

Corner press:

1.Stand near the corner of the wall

2.Place your palms on wall (at shoulder level)

3.Neck should be slightly up(towards roof)

4.Take slowly your chest to the wall &hold for 5-10 sec

5.Slowly come backto starting position

Repeat 10 times

Shoulder Up-Back-Down:

1.Sit comfortably on chair

2.Move your shoulder up to the ears then back then down with hold for few seconds in each side & relax

Repeat 10 times

Shoulder Blade stretch:

1.Sit comfortably on chair

2.Place hand near chest with elbow bend as shown in pic. Elbow & shoulder should be in straight line

3.Stretch shoulder backside as much as you can &hold for few seconds then release

Repeat 10 times

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