• Anti-Inflammatory

    Incredible potent natural anti-inflammatory
    Eradicates hidden inflammation within the body
    Anti-oxidant, Anti-ageing, Anti-microbial, neutralizes free radicals

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  • Calcium Supplement

    Useful in calcium deficiency, thyroid etc.

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  • Cartilage Regeneration (Ortho Plus)

    Beneficial for cartilage regeneration, ligament tear, inflammation, joint repair, fractures, age related joint problems etc.

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  • Gym Ball/Exercise Ball

    Size available- 65CM
    Anti-skid, Anti-burst, Non Toxic
    Soft, Supple
    Recommended for rehabilitation of back,Knee & Shoulders
    Great for Stretching, abdominal exercise, Balance, Core strength training

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  • High Quality Electrode Gel

    Ideal coupling medium for sonography, Echo Cardio Cuppler.
    Spread Easily and Uniformly
    Safe for transducer & Special long drying formula.
    Non corrosive, Non greasy, and easily remove with…

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  • Iron Supplement

    Useful in iron deficiency
    Prevents hair fall, fatigue, dizziness
    Recommended to people with low haemoglobin & RBC, Anaemia etc.

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  • Joint and Muscular Pain (Orthovrat)

    Beneficial for relief from muscle and joint pains associated with arthritis, strains, bruises & sprains.
    Useful in cases of lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, hip and…

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  • K – Taping Roll

    Kinesio  Tape is a water-repellent, elastic and adhesive kinesiology tape, which can be worn on the skin for several days. It consists of cotton and an acrylic adhesive coating which is activated by…

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  • Knee Wrap

    It is very important to support your knee in pain
    Especially advisable in Osteoarthritis
    Three point hinge knee cap
    Light weight easy to walk
    High quality fabric that…

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  • L-S Belt

    There are so many L-S belts available in the market which one is actually useful for your body is difficult to decide.

    KRV provides L-S belt that is individually tailored,…

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  • Omega 3-6

    Rich source of Omega 3 and 6, and Vitamin E
    Helps in hot flashes, Eczema, Psoriasis, Cancer, PMS, Depression
    Controls High blood pressure
    Promotes healthy hair and skin.

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  • Pain Oil

    Ayurveda Anti-inflammatory pain oil.
    Works wonder in all kinds of joint pain and muscle spasm.
    Non-greasy easily absorbable.
    No allergies safe to use.
    Can be mixed with body…

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  • Postural Brace

    Use postural brace to maintain support and promote right posture
    Correct the posture: stand upright with shoulder braced up
    Solution for busy people having sedentary life style

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  • Resistance Bands

    Resistance exercise latex bands
    Superior performance and improved results
    Excellent for rehabilitation and strengthening program
    Band is color coded with different resistance level
    As the color darkness increases,…

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  • Soft Knee Cap

    Soft Knee Cap

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  • Women’s Health Tonic

    Female rejuvenate herb
    Contains natural phyto-estrogen hormone precursors
    Useful in convalescence, cough, dehydration, diarrhoea, dysentery, female organ debility, fevers (chronic), hematemesis, herpes, hyperacidity, impotence, infertility, leucorrhoea, menopause, lung…

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