Name : Mr. Prawin Pawar
Designation : Marketing Manager
Feedback : ” With fitness as hobby, i ended up with a shoulder Injury(Supraspinatus tendinous complex) at the gym. I was suggested a surgery by orthopedic which i was not keen on doing. I joined KRV Physiotherapy for rehab and in 3 weeks desired result i needed was achieved. I was assisted with right know-how to carry my workouts in future. Thank you Dr.Ridwana’ and her support staff. KRV is the best In INDIA. “

Name : Ms. Janet
Feedback : ” I am very happy for the physiotherapy doorstep services in Gurgaon, India, I received from your team. Its only seven sessions I have taken and can see a huge improvement. I am suggesting your centres for good and benefited results to everyone. Your team has done an excellent job. I am very thankful”

Name : Ms. Johana Barnard
Feedback : ” This is my 10th day feedback. When I visited here at your Sushant Lok Gurgaon Center, I wasn’t able to move my left arm but in 2 days sessions, it was functional. Awesome team work and result oriented Company. Thank you KRV.”

Name : Mr. Pablo Gasado Borroonal
Feedback : “I have 98% relief in 8 sessions. Very good personalized staff and excellent treatment options available.”

Name : Shibani Kashyap
Feedback : Just wanted to thank you for the magic therapy you gave me. It has really helped.

Name : Mr. Vicky Shaw
Designation : President, PGA of India
Feedback : KRV and team is doing a brilliant job in treating as well as preventing our golf injuries. We are thankful to KRV and Dr. Ridwana.

Name : Late Jagjit Singh
Designation : Ghazal Singer and Composer
Feedback : I am very thankful to KRV team for giving me instant relief from my severe back pain. Dr. Ridwana is brilliant.

Name : Dr. S. K. S Marya
Designation : Orthopedics & Joint Replacement, Max Healthcare
Feedback : Its one of the best physiotherapy centre I have seen in India. Dr. Ridwana has done a brilliant job, may god bless her. Best wishes to KRV team also.

Name : Dr. Mala Arora
Designation : Vice President, FOGSI
Feedback : KRV physiotherapy centre has team of dedicated physiotherapists that have given pain relief and mobility to patients that other centers could not handle.

Name : Dr. Sunil Raina
Designation : Orthopedic Surgeon Fortis, Faridabad
Feedback : Dr. Ridwana and team have mastered the art and science of physiotherapy. The genuinely warm affection and care is a rarity in NCR. The team works on very scientific techniques using the right mix of equipments and exercises.

Name : Dr. Ramankanth Aggarwal
Designation : Ortho Surgeon, Fortis, Gurgaon
Feedback : Very professional approach and caring attitude sets KRV as the unique physiotherapy organization.

Name : Mrs. Shailja ” Dr. Jaggi referred
Feedback : Dr. Jaggirefferred the gurgaon KRV center. I had very pleasant start, however after 5 days into the therapy, I developed severe allergy. The root cause has yet not confirmed completely, however possible elimination of heat treatment and special attention to cleaning of treatment tool has resulted in no allergy since there. I try to stick to one therapist ( Dr. Sonal). She has an excellent knock of distracting patient from ”stress& pain” & has excellent therapist skills.The reception &rest of the staff is welcoming & helping.It has been 4 months of my surgery & progress/recovery is very good.

Name : Ms. Malaika Khan
Feedback : I had ACL tear. My 1.5 year problem had gone within 15 day at KRV. Now I can play football all day long. Thanks to KRV and team.

Name : Mr. Abbas
Designation : Founder of A Abbas Charity Foundation, Iraq
Feedback : I am very pleased to see this Physiotherapy Centre and I hope KRV opens one Centre in Iraq soon. My best wishes are with KRV.

Name : Mr. Mohammad Hamuyun Kabir
Designation : 42yrs from Bangladesh, Business Man
Feedback : “I came to India for treatment from Bangladesh and went to Medanta Hospital in Gurgaon for my back but even after taking a treatment for one week, I got no relief. Then I Heard about KRV healthcare and after visiting there, I was very much impressed for how they assessed me and diagnosed me with Thoracic-Lumbar Scoliosis, Multiple PIVD with periformis syndrome and right hip Rl sacroiliatis. I took Physiotherapy treatment in KRV at Gurgaon Centre. Thanks to Dr. Ridwana Sanam and her whole team for their tremendous work on my all problems. They went through the root cause of my problem and started the treatment. It was like magic and I had 95% relief from the pain after 4-5 sittings only. I am very much satisfied with all the physical therapist at KRV. The way they treat, explain and schedule things are easy. And today I am all fit and fine to go back to my Country”

Name : Hayat Bhat
Designation : 40 Srinagar, Kashmir
Feedback : “To be honest, I found this place up to my expectations for treatment and Cleanliness. Would suggest to keep up the work and process the same way. God bless you “

Name : Dr. Geetanjali, MBBS
Designation : 62, Gurgaon
Feedback : “Thank you KRV. You have really been helpful. Staff and centre, Both rocks here”.

Name : Ms. Shikha, Gurgaon
Feedback : “KRV Healthcare has the knack of treating the patients and making them feel at ease. Even in painful physical condition like mine KRV has taken care of providing the right kind of healing techniques, not just using the physio therapy tools that are appropriate, but also with the healing touch & concern. I really Thank KRV for its efforts. And Dr. Ridwana is the Best Physical Therapist and a human being i have known. So thank you “

Name : Shareen Obeidi
Designation : 26 year, Afghanistan
Feedback : “I am a rheumatoid arthritis patient since 6 yrs. As now my body has started joint deformation and restricted movments. I visited to many doctors in Pakistan, Afghanistan, islamabad but all I could get is medicines for pain relief. I came to India with my mother, for her ear surgery and one day I saw the board of Krv and I thought about showing myself to them. I came in and met Arouba. With a smile and a welcoming gesture, she asked the physical therapist to check me. I could see a ray of hope when krv team looked at me and said we can atleast release your movements. Then Dr. Ridwana saw me by herself and today after taking treatment for fifteen days, I feel my body is breathing. I can move my hands arms freely now. And there is no pain as well. I can walk properly. I feel confident after having counselling sessions at krv. They have given me home programme as well which I could follow. I really thank them and wish them all luck and success. “

Name : Gaurav Kumar
Designation : Model and Fitness Trainer (Delhi)
Feedback : ” A month back, I got a sports injury. After consulting an Orthopedic, I was told I have to go for a surgery as I had an Acl, Mcl ligament tear in my right knee. I was not very keen on a surgery and was very disappointed. Then it happened that I met Dr. Ridwana Sanam and after discussing my case with her, she told me she can prevent the surgery and I will be able to walk again. Today after 10-12 sessions of Physiotherapy at KRV Healthcare, Gurgaon, I feel much better. I am able to walk and I am actually living pain free. So thank you KRV and Dr. Ridwana Sanam.”

Name : Mr. Abdul’s
Feedback : Wish you all the best with grace of Allah. I have learned so many things from you and your staff which i have not known from my life time about the importance of physiotherapy. my daughter Sara Noorana forced me to come once. I take you kind advise, I am impressed very much. I want you to come and open your centre in Dubai and Saudi market to help their humanity. It is need of this hour. You have trained your doctors & staff very nicely and they are doing their duty very politely and with smiles. The credit goes to only. I pray almighty Allah for you and your staff prosperity good for your future to serve t humanity. Please convey my best wishes to all your staff also. At last, thinking you and your Doctor staff. Wish you all Happy New Year.

Name : Mr & Mrs Jajodia
Designation : CEO, Assam Tea ltd.
Feedback : We are beholden with the treatment given at KRV .Dr. Ridwana is very knowledgeable Physiotherapist.

Name : Mr. Mukesh Grover
Feedback : I would like to praise the competence and professionalism of the staff at KRV. They have good skills and kind behavior towards all. Thanks for returning my well-being. All the best for your future there.

Name : Mr. Gaurav Goel
Feedback : I had neck pain which was annoying me a lot while working,it was almost impossible for me to sit for prolong hours. Then I got to know about KRV Physiotherapy Centre and got 100% relief. I am heartily thankful to them. God bless you guys….

Name : Mr. Rijish Raghavan
Feedback : I would complement to KRV for their quality of treatment, counseling and care. I got pain in my right shoulder from past 6 months after playing squash. Their treatment and K-Taping really helped me a lot. Thanks to KRV and team. Keep it up KRV with your quality and care. All the best….!!!!….

Name : Mr. Kumar Anish
Feedback : I got back pain while doing some strenuous activity at gym. I am thankful to KRV and team for giving me cure in few sessions. The staff here is delightful right from the reception to the doctors.

Name : Miss. Deepa Vats
Feedback : I had cervical pain might be due to my hectic job with bad posture. I got to know about this centre from my colleague with same problem, then I took sessions here and got magical results within few days. I rather suggest all people having same problem. Thanks to KRV and their hard working team.

Name : Mr. Satish Chandra
Feedback : I would praise KRV & team to keep this good work and help their patients to have pain free life. May GOD bless all the doctors and staff of KRV and it may expand to serve more and more people.
Mr. Badruzzaman Khan (on behalf of MsAnam) I had shoulder tip pain since months. I got to know about KRV Physiotherapy and after few sessions I got much relieved.Now I had no pain with 100% recovery. Thanks to KRV and team. Live painfree…..!!!!!….

Name : Mr. Anshumali
Feedback : I had pain in climbing stairs, weakness in muscles and muscle balance previously few months back. But after taken physiotherapy sessions in KRV, I have self exceptional improvement. The doctors and staffs are friendly, co-ordial and very accommodating. Slogan for KRV: Peace and live pain free….!!!!!…….

Name : Mr. Keshab
Feedback : It’s an amazing, the hospitality and doctors are so good. Wishing all the best to Dr Ridwana and her team. Spread your centres all over India

Name : Mr. Vinay Bassi
Feedback : I had neck pain. After a few sittings, there is major improvement in my neck pain. The exercises have been very helpful and thanks to KRV & team.

Name : Mrs. Kiran Chaddha
Feedback : I had severe knee problem since months. My pain had relieved a lot after taken physiotherapy sessions from KRV Healthcare & Physiotherapy Pvt. Ltd.

Name : Mr. Sareen
Feedback : I had a cervical pain since long time ago. I got to know about KRV Physiotherapy, I felt lot of improvement after physiotherapy sessions of just 15 days. Thanks to KRV and team.

Name : Meetu Jain
Designation : 39 female from Gurgaon, Shoulder Pain
Feedback : Miracles happen and it did when i got my self treated from KRV Healthcare. I now really live “ pain free.

Name : Madhu Arora
Designation : 70 female from Amritsar, Lower Back
Feedback : I came all the way from Amritsar and took Physiotherapy here at KRV Healthcare, which benefitted me. It is KRV’s Quality treatment which benefited me . Thank you KRV.

Name : Mr Anit Gupta
Feedback : The personal touch you get at the centre is un matched. The day I started the therapy, I knew I will be fine. I was told about all the possibilities. Not just physically but I also felt mentallyrelaxed at the centre. The immense knowledge &experti

Name : Mr. Anshuman Dost
Designation : Copal Patners
Feedback : “Had quite an outstanding experience in terms of consultation , treatment and otherwise. KRV rightly practice ” Live Painfree” . I came with grieve pain in my back and now I go painfree. Thanks to KRV team. “

Name : Surajit K.Pal
Feedback : I have gone through a physiotherapy program of 15 days at KRV for back problem. I was attended to the program on 8th Jan when i was unable to even stand properly due to a……… The therapy given to me was extremely structured and kept to my comfort. I felt the recovery myself on a daily basis and it also was felt on my confidence level during every day in my office as well as home life. All the treatment at KRV re very much task focused with a blend of treating the visitors to the best possible way. I would like to mention the name of Dr.Surbhi and Dr.Ayushi. I think you got 2 best doctors to run your organization. Great combination of maturity, care, awareness and predictability they also understand what work on hospitality/healthcare/services. All the very best. Thanks for your time as well for explaining the diagnosis. Wish you all very best.

Name : Mr. Bharat Garg
Feedback : Very good diagnosis and treatment for my muscle pull. The therapy are dedicated with a great attitude and good quality of treatment.

Name : Mr. Garg Sandhu
Feedback : KRV Physiotheraphy & Fitness Centre is very excellent and all are very professional and courageous.

Name : Mr. Navin Wazim
Feedback : Quality of commitment is excellent.

Name : Ms. Mitali Kainthla
Feedback : The services offered at KRV Physiotherapy are great. But one thing stand out very friendly and approachable conduct of the entire staff. I would like to make a special mention Dr.Ayushi my mother d i are thoroughly impressed by her dedication and approach towards her work. Keep up the good work.

Name : Mrs. Sunita Arora
Feedback : Mrs. Sunita Arora 39 years of age says “it was an nice experience with KRV team that they where so dedicated with my aliment that my problem was solved before time thanks to Dr. Ridwana Sanam”.

Name : Mr. Manish Kumar
Feedback : Mr. Manish Kumar 36 years of age came to KRV with cervical and back pain and it was obvious as he is software professional after 15-20 sittings it amazing to see him back on work with neither of problems. Finally it’s his words at last “thanks to KRV”.

Name : Mrs. Prena Panday
Feedback : Mrs. Prena Panday 42 years of age suffering from knee osteoarthritis says that “no complaints, doctors here are very good, helping and caring”.

Name : Mrs. Sulakshiva
Feedback : Mrs. Sulakshiva 69 years of age came to us with a 21 years history of knee pain and back pain. Her revivology about KRV was “Dr. Makhmoor Dr. Kriti and Meenu are excellent doctors Specially Dr. Makhmoor and thanks to Dr. Ridwana Sanam”.

Name : Mr. Arun Kumar
Feedback : Mr. Arun Kumar 38 years of age came to KRV with severe low back pain which was radiating to legs after 15-20 sessions he as good as normal person and he left by saying there is nothing to write in suggestions as every thing is perfect with KRV.

Name : Dr. Ashutosh Jindal
Feedback : Dr. Ashutosh Jindal 31 years of age came to us with severe neck spasm just within 7 sittings he was pain free and back to his work.

Name : Mrs. Chitra Saahoo
Feedback : Mrs. Chitra Saahoo 36 years of age, Director of an NGO came to us with a history of cervical pain and vertigo. After completion of 15 sittings her words of encouragement for KRV were “Thanks for your care”.

Name : Mrs. Lata Banga
Feedback : Mrs. Lata Banga 61 years of age says that “no complaints at all, rather I admire and appreciate there team work”.

Name : Mrs. Jyoti
Feedback : Keep up the good work and wish you all the best thanks to all the staff and Dr. Deepali you were very good and efficient. Keep it up.

Name : Mrs. Azma
Feedback : Symptoms: Knee Pain
Treatment Period: 2 weeks
Full Recovery!

Name : Mr. Vinod
Feedback : Symptoms: Pain from Neck to Hand
Diagnosis: Spondalities
Treatment Period: 2 Weeks
100% Recovery!

Name : Mr Gaur
Feedback : Symptoms: Pain in Left Shoulder, Left Elbow, Cannot take Bath on His Own, Do combing
Diagnosis: PA Shoulder Tennis Elbow
Treatment Period: 1 week
100% Recovery!

Name : Mrs. Suraj
Feedback : Diagnosis: Bilateral Knee, Osteo Arthritis
Pain considerably relieved after 15 days treatment!

Name : Mr. Amit
Feedback : Diagnosis: Hip Pain, difficulty in climbing stairs
Pain relieved and able to climb stairs without pain!

Name : Mrs. Vandana
Feedback : Diagnosis: PIVD, Flat Feet & Varicose veins Pain relieved in back and improvement in Varicose Veins Pain!

Name : Mr Santosh Gupta
Feedback : Yes I am satisfied with their service and you all are cooperative.

Name : Ldr. P. N. Nagu
Feedback : I am satisfied with the treatment carry on with the good work.

Name : Mr. Sandeep Nautiyal
Feedback : Quality of service is excellent and response time is also excellent.

Name : Mrs. Anupama
Feedback : Package should be informed the very first day of consultation.

Name : Mr. H. C. Verma
Feedback : Quality of service and commitment is excellent.

Name : Mr. P. K. Mukherjee
Feedback : uality of service provided is very good and behavior of the staff is excellent.

Name : Mr. Michael Tanlhome
Feedback : The commitment and dedication with selfless and personalized service rendered by the doctors and their colleagues is commendable. Keep on the good work. With regards and god bless.

Name : Mr. Sharder Tyagi
Feedback : The overall quality of product is very good and the response time is excellent.

Name : Mr. V. P. Jain
Feedback : Very happy with things!

Name : Master Hirdhay
Feedback : Master Hirdhay was suffering from Cerebral Palsy and had no body movements till 1 year and 6 months. Master Hirdhay started treatment at KRV Healthcare and Physiotherapy 6 months back. He is now able to sit and stand with supports. He is eating food on his own and this had been achieved with treatment at KRV Healthcare and Physiotherapy Clinic.

Name : Mrs. Rita Dadlani
Feedback : Mrs. Rita Dadlani says, “Good services by a team of wonderful doctors”.

Name : Mr. Col. TL. Behl
Feedback : Mr. Col. TL. Behl 72 years of age, his words of appreciation for us were, “keep your commitments and good work a continuing processes god bless u all (ameen).

Name : Mr. PP Mittal
Feedback : Mr. PP Mittal 60 years of age, his words of encouragement to us where, “Dr. Trupti Somany, Dr. Jyoti Tyagi, Dr. Tariq Ahmed and Mrs. Meenu are excellent staff which have deployed by committee”.

Name : Mrs. Lakshmi Rajpat
Feedback : Keep up the good work and wish you all the best thanks to all the staff and Dr. Deepali you were very good and efficient. Keep it up.

Name : Mrs. Prabha Grover
Feedback : Quality of product and services are very good.

Name : Mrs. Anuradha Sharma
Feedback : Behavior of the staff is very good.

Name : Mrs. Amrit Garg
Feedback : Everything is perfect. Response time is excellent.

Name : Mr. Rameshwar Prasad
Feedback : Quality of commitment is very good.

Name : Mrs. Rajni Adlakha
Feedback : Quality of product and services are very good.

Name : Mr. Hari Kishan Sharma
Feedback : Behavior of staff is excellent.

Name : Mrs. Prabha Grover
Feedback : Quality of product and services are very good.

Name : Mrs. Anuradha Sharma
Feedback : I think this is the best place for this purpose.

Name : Mr. Ajit Chandela
Feedback : You have a very good service, very good commitment and very good staff.

Name : Maria Dominica Mahapatra
Feedback : Quality of service is very good.

Name : Mr. Janet D’souza
Feedback : Here quality of commitment is very excellent.

Name : Mr. Sandeep
Feedback : Your response time is very good.

Name : Mrs. Neeta Arora
Feedback : The quality of service and product is excellent.

Name : Mr. Brij Bala Jain
Feedback : Behavior of staff in KRV Healthcare and Physiotherapy is excellent.

Name : Mrs. Adarsh Arya
Feedback : Services provided by you are excellent. Keep it up.

Name : Mrs. Nikita
Feedback : Your response time is excellent.

Name : Mrs. Ekta Agarwal
Feedback : The quality of service provided is excellent.

Name : Mr. Chandra Kanta Singh
Feedback : Here quality of product provided is very good.

Name : Mr. Puneet
Feedback : We feel quality of commitment is very good.

Name : Mr. S. P. Sharma
Feedback : Behavior of staff is very good.

Name : Mr. Kamalam K. Das
Feedback : Quality of services is excellent in KRV Healthcare and Physiotherapy.

Name : Mrs. Veena Ahuja
Feedback : In KRV Healthcare and Physiotherapy, behavior of staff and response time is excellent.

Name : Mr. B L Ganju
Feedback : I am very satisfied with the behavior of the staff, very cooperative and well mannered. General atmosphere is good. I certainly got improvement in any problem I attend this clinic.

Name : Mrs. Kawaljeet
Feedback : Quality of commitment is excellent.

Name : Mr. Vanit Chawla
Feedback : Your quality of product and service is excellent.

Name : Mr. Chander Kala Masin
Feedback : Response time is very good.

Name : Mr. Rajiv
Feedback : Your quality of services is excellent.

Name : Mrs. Jayamma
Feedback : Very good setup. Keep it up.

Name : Mrs. Neetu Chaturvedi
Feedback : Behavior of staff with patients in KRV Healthcare and Physiotherapy is very good.

Name : Mrs. Amrit Kaur
Feedback : Your all services provided are excellent.

Name : Mr. Rohit
Feedback : Services provided are absolutely perfect.

Name : Mrs. Kashish Guglani
Feedback : Services provided in KRV Healthcare and Physiotherapy are excellent.

Name : Mrs. Manjula Gaur
Feedback : Your quality of product is very good.

Name : Mr. Ankur Arora
Feedback : Dr. Ridwana and team have mastered the art and science of physiotherapy. The genuinely warm affection and care is a rarity in NCR. The team works on very scientific techniques using the right mix of equipments and exercises.
I can walk again, thanks to Dr. Ridwana and team. I have recommended Dr. Ridwana to my wife…
Need I say more…

Name : Mr. J.K. Medirata
Feedback : Your overall quality of product and service at KRV is excellent. Keep it up!

Name : Mrs. Shobha Rani
Feedback : I felt good after coming here. Behavior of all persons here is very good. I felt very relieved. Here patient is properly taken care. I feel like all doctors are my family.

Name : Mrs. Phool Khatri
Feedback : Personal relations very good. Overall treatment is very good.

Name : Mr. R. K. Chhibber
Feedback : It is one of the best fitness centre I have ever seen. I wish such centers should come up to give genuine treatment to patient. Dr. Ridhwana is a blessed soul she gives godly touch to patients.

Name : Mr. K. S. Verma
Feedback : I am full of praise for the careful and considerate treatment given to me to heel my knee problem by the nice doctors and the staff.

Name : Mrs. Jyoti Dash
Feedback : It’s good. I fell this centre is good than the one that I had visited in another place. I fell it could have been a little spacious.

Name : Mr. P. P. Bhambri
Feedback : Certainly there is improvement in the knee pain. Feels better in knee revival. More thrust is needed and person attention. For exercises recommended mad. This is the result of 15 days – 20 days.

Name : Mr. Pradeep Shaune
Feedback : This hospital always meets the patient’s needs as a patient in a very excellent way.

Name : Mrs. Murti Garg
Feedback : The response time at KRV is very good. We would like to return to KRV in future if we have any medical need.

Name : Mr. O.P. Taneja
Feedback : We feel the response time is very good. Your services provided at KRV are excellent.

Name : Mr. Rakesh Kumar
Feedback : The overall quality of product at KRV is very good and the hospital meets the needs of patients.

Name : Mrs. Neeta Arora
Feedback : I just want to KRV and its team for my treatment. I also wish them all the best for future.

Name : Mr. Anil Kumar
Feedback : I don’t have any complaints, as I know my body pre and post treatment. Just sincere thanks to Dr. Ridhwana and team.

Name : Mrs. Neha Arora
Feedback : Services provided at KRV are very good. They provide the best quality of products and services.

Name : Mr. Sumit Mishra
Feedback : I feel the response time is excellent. We would complement the treatment of KRV.

Name : Mr. Vishu Agarwal
Feedback : Quality of commitment at KRV is very good. Overall quality of products is good.

Name : Mrs. Tripta Chibber
Feedback : KRV is very good at treatment. They always meet the needs of their patients.

Name : Mr. Sarvan Kumar
Feedback : KRV has behaved very well with us. All the doctors are very nice with us. In future if we found any problem we would come here again.

Name : Mr. Ashok Kwatra
Feedback : You have a very nice team. The behavior of the staff towards the patients is excellent. I wish you all the best.

Name : Mrs. Rona
Feedback : In a very excellent way hospital meets the needs of patients. I feel the response time is excellent.

Name : Dr. Juhi
Feedback : Thankyou Dr. Ridwana, I am feeling a lot better after physiotherapy. It worked like a magic.

Name : Mrs. Puja Sharma
Feedback : Behavior of staff is very good and the response time is very good.

Name : Mrs. Sarabjeet Kaur
Feedback : The services and quality of commitment provided are very excellent.

Name : Mrs. Nandita
Feedback : The overall quality of product noticed at KRV Healthcare and Physiotherapy & Fitness Centre is excellent. The services are excellent.

Name : Mr. Sachin Mendiratta
Feedback : There is no complaint but having fully – satisfaction. Doctors are too much supportive and attentive.

Name : Mrs. Madhu Sharma
Feedback : The quality of commitment and the services you provide at KRV Healthcare and Physiotherapy & Fitness Centre is good.

Name : Mr. Ravinder K Raghav
Feedback : You should always keep your work like this only. The behavior of your staff is very good towards patients.

Name : Mrs. Arti
Feedback : Overall the centre has been well designed, keeping in view the treatment needs of the patients. I would like to comment the efforts put in by Dr. Ridhwana to make the centre perfect in the physiotherapy treatment. The diagnosis of the exact problem was also well done by Dr. Ridhwana, Dr. Priyanka and Dr. Chandni has given a good treatment to me. I would like to comment her efforts as well. Keep it up.

Name : Mr. V. Velayutham
Feedback : KRV Healthcare and Physiotherapy & Fitness Centre is ably led by Dr. Ridhwana and she is having an excellent team of doctors. All are very kind, hospitable and customer oriented. I wish KRV a successful journey.

Name : Ms. Amrit Lamba
Feedback : The services provided at hospital are able to meet patient’s need. We would like to suggest our friends and relatives to come at KRV for any medical help.

Name : Mrs. Arti Agrawal
Feedback : We have satisfactory results and behaviors to patients. The behavior of staff is very good towards patients.

Name : Mrs. Neha Arora
Feedback : Hi, I am Neha Arora and I had been suffering from “Slip Disc” (Lss1) for the post 8-9 months. Initially I was on medicines mainly pain killers and muscle relaxants along with belt for a period of 4-5 months after which I started to feel better with my back.
Then 2 months back my pain reappeared but this time instead of a backache I started having pain in my right leg which kept increasing to such a high degree that at one point of time I had started to limp.
Then I came to know about KRV Healthcare and Physiotherapy Centre and after regular visits here every week I feel much relieved from my leg as well as my backache.
Here, at the clinic, I was under the treatment of Dr. Shabia, which is an expert when it comes to manipulations.
I was advised by her to take a break from my work and continue treatment for a period of 10-15 days but since I could not do that, so Dr. Shabia devised a special treatment by her on weekends and continued my machine treatments at Dwarka.
Thanks to Dr. Shabia I feel much better today, after a month of treatment with her. Under her guidance and plan of action I am able to do a lot of things, which previously I was not able to do.

Name : Mrs. Saroj Singh
Feedback : As a patient I can say that hospital always meet the needs of patients. The overall quality of product is good.

Name : Mr. Sarajet K Pal
Designation : Genpact
Feedback : I have gone through a physiotherapy program of 15 days at KRV for back problem. At that time I was unable to stand properly due to a spasm. I felt the recovery myself on a daily basis and it also was felt on my confidence level during every day in my office as well as home life. I would like to thank KRV Physiotherapy for treating me that quickly and exploring my problem.

Name : Mr. Raj Khurana
Feedback : I would like to say that after seeing my X-ray report of my knee I was very much tensed but krv helped me a lot, you people got a very well trained staff.

Name : Miss. Deepali Mishra
Feedback : KRV cared me with full support

Name : Mr. Ankush Sharma
Feedback : The overall quality of KRV is excellent and people here given me full support with my injury.

Name : Akash Chaprana
Feedback : I had AHC disease due to which I am not able to do anything, but thanks to KRV Faridabad sector 21 A for making me self independent through their advance therapy. KRV gave me a new life. God blessthem always !!

Name : Mrs. Raj Gupta
Feedback : My shoulder & thumb pain is restricting my work though I am not able to write and lift anything. But after taking treatment in KRV I have self exceptional improvement. The doctors and staffs very cooperative and very accommodating. Million thanks to Dr Ridwana &her team…

Name : Mrs. Monica Khanna
Feedback : I am suffering from cervical & back pain since 1.5 years. Got relief in just few sessions. The quality of commitment is very good. Heartiest thankful to whole KRV team,Faribad sector 21A.

Name : Dr. Megha Gupta
Feedback : The treatment sessions are excellent. Thanks to DrJyoti&Dr Ridwana for their tremendous work done. Spread your centre’s all over India.

Name : Dr. M L Hashia
Feedback : I am 76 years old. My back pain problem is solved in just 20 sessions. The exercises are very helpful in curing my problem. Thanks to Dr Ridwana & her whole team for their work done.

Name : Mr RB Singh Chauhan
Feedback : I had a neck pain which effects my work very badly. I came to KRV & my pain diminished in just 15 days. I got 100% relief. Itsamazing , the hospitality and doctors are very good !!

Name : Mr Ajay Chaudhary
Feedback : I had a back pain from last 1 year. My pain subsided in just 10 sessions and got relief in 15 days. The team is very good & know their job well.Thanks to KRV, Faridabad sector 21A for their tremendous work done .God bless you always.

Name : Miss Ananya Roy
Feedback : The treatment at KRV Faridabad sector 21 A is excellent. 90 % of my back problem is recovered in just 10 sessions. Thanks to whole team of KRV for their magical therapy they gave me.

Name : Mrs Mary Youhes
Feedback : The exercises imparted by Faridabad sector 21 A were outstanding along with the rest of the staff especially meenu. I pay regards to all & thanks for their services and improvement I had. Thanks & regards to Dr Ridwana.

Name : Mr Anuj Verma
Feedback : RV Healthcare &Physiotherapy,Faridabad Sector 21A cure a persistant injury which no other place had managed to treat successfully. They went above & beyond & also addressed some latent problems like poor posture .very pleased overall. God bless the whole team of KRV.

Name : Sandeep Kumar
Feedback : I had been suffering with Low back pain and was detected as PIVD. Eversince my diagnosis my life came to a standstill till I luckily visited KRV Healthcare and physiotherapy centre at Faridabad,Sector 14 and got 100 percent relief.Excellent team and therapists.God Bless!

Name : Nikit
Feedback : I was diagnosed with supraspinatus tendinitis since many months and was not getting relief after all sorts of treatments.The magical treatment by the physiotherapists at KRV,Faridabad Sector 14 helped me recover and I got full relief.

Name : Jaya Sehgal
Feedback : I had severe neck pain due to spondylitis and had been diagnosed with golfers elbow as well which hampered my daily activities.Thanks to KRV Team,Faridabad Sector 14 as I am painfree now and able to do all my work independently.

Name : Mr. Vishal Arya
Feedback : Very professional approach of doctors of KRV. Earlier I was suffering from neck and back ace, now after the treatment with KRV my back and my neck is very well and I am also feeling very confident. Thanks to KRV.

Name : Mr. Sagar Arora
Feedback : The quality of treatment that KRV gives is excellent, thanks to Mr. Chiranjeet (my friend) who told me about KRV and I got relieved from neck pain.

Name : Ms Swati Gudwani
Feedback : There was a great experience with KRV team who helped me in relieving my back pain which ws troubling me since many years.

Name : Ms Razia Begum
Feedback : I am very thank full to KRV team for making father leading a normal life again after having cerebellar ataxia.

Name : D. Chakraborty
Feedback : My stiff shoulder become mobile in 20 sessions. Thanks to whole team of KRV for their magical therapy. God bless them.

Name : Anchal Sharma
Feedback : Thanks to Dr Ridwana & their team for the therapy they have given me. Please open your centre in maximum cities. God bless.

Name : Mrs. Suman
Feedback : I had join no of gyms for whole body fitness and perfect posture but always got injured due to lack of trained minds. After joining KRV I am perfectly all right. My best wishes are always with KRV.

Name : Mohit Sikka
Feedback : Excellent work. Keep it up. God bless to KRV

Name : Jitendra Singh
Feedback : I Had Bilateralshoulder pain. After taking few sessions my pain subsides and got 100% relief. Thanks to KRV for best treatment they have given. May god always bless them.

Name : Manju Vohra
Feedback : I am not able to climb stairs because of my radiating pain. It effects my work a lot. Thanks to KRV for the excellent treatment . Best wishes to Dr Ridwana & her team.

Name : Mrs. Usha Dhar
Feedback : Your doctors and all staff members are excellent and are welcoming patients with great care & comfort. Keep it up. I wish all of you best of luck in future.

Name : Bulla Manna
Feedback : It is a very caring and proper fitness centre with dedicated doctors & staff. May it grows bigger & bigger.

Name : Mr. Debabrata Banerjee
Feedback : I had cervical pain since few months. I got to know about KRV,the quality of treatment, the services and way of treatment is not only excellent but also commandable and precious. The doctors there are very good and praiseworthy .Thanks to KRV and team for my well being.

Name : Mrs. Sonali Jain
Feedback : I was suffering from neck pain and I got total recovery after taking treatment at KRV. Thanks to their remarkable work. All the best. Live and stay painfree.

Name : Mrs. Raj Kukreja
Feedback : My back was severely painful and I was suffering badly because of that. Then I took treatment at KRV Faridabad sector 21 A. They relieved that problem miracly in just few sittings.I am heartly thankful to KRV and team.

Name : Mrs. Archana
Feedback : Mrs. Archana 36year age says “KRV is the best”

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