Why KRV Physiotherapy?

Best Physiotherapist in India

  • With an excellent internationally trained team, having complete mastery in manual skills and techniques
  • Has more than 100 committed doctors Full time and on call.
  • Offers physiotherapy services at the doorstep of patients.
  • Provides mobile physiotherapy services with pick and drop facilities.
  • Presently has 45 mobile vans with a fullfledged clinical set up and 10 servicing centers in India.

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Special Attraction

From the Desk of Founder & Managing Director
Dr. Ridwana Sanam

I would like to say that treatments, precautions and all is important but more important is to get your problem diagnosed well. If the diagnosis is done on time and done right, we are always in better position to take good treatment and get relief. Another things which i have observed through my journey, which is responsible for healing/relieving patients is their attitude. People with positive attitude tend to heal faster than people with cribbing and cursing attitude of “Why me”. I would request and suggest to all those who suffer from any kind of pains and aches, should always have very positive attitude and spend some time in meditation, connecting with yourself and I am sure, they will get relief faster than expected. 

Knowledge and research is continuously changing in physiotherapy. We are coming up with best and best of techniques but as I said the diagnosis still remains the most important key in treating joints or muscles pains or any other kind of illness or issue. 
So we are here to Help you and guide you to make your lifestyle more pain free.

So, Welcome to KRV Physiotherapy and Healthcare for a Pain Free Life.Cheer’s!

Manual Physiotherapy Practice

Our physiotherapists are able to combine quality therapeutic exercise with manual techniques such as manipulation to provide the BEST care for many neuro- musculoskeletal problems. And this manipulation is skilled in one programme called manual therapy which they design according to the pain and condition of the patient.

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Dr. Geetanjali

(MBBS 62, Gurgaon)
“Thank you KRV. You have really been helpful. Staff and centre, Both rocks here”.

Hayat Bhat

(40 Srinagar, Kashmir)
“To be honest, I found this place up to my expectations for treatment and Cleanliness. Would suggest to keep up the work and process the same way. God bless you “

Mr. Abbas

(Founder of A Abbas Charity Foundation, Iraq)
I am very pleased to see this Physiotherapy Centre and I hope KRV opens one Centre in Iraq soon. My best wishes are with KRV.

Ms. Malaika Khan

I had ACL tear. My 1.5 year problem had gone within 15 day at KRV. Now I can play football all day long. Thanks to KRV and team.

Dr. Ramankanth Aggarwal

(Ortho Surgeon, Fortis, Gurgaon)
Very professional approach and caring attitude sets KRV as the unique physiotherapy organization.

Dr. Sunil Raina

(Orthopedic Surgeon Fortis, Faridabad)
Dr. Ridwana and team have mastered the art and science of physiotherapy. The genuinely warm affection and care is a rarity in NCR. The team works on very scientific techniques using the right mix of equipments and exercises.

Dr. Mala Arora

(Vice President, FOGSI)
KRV physiotherapy centre has team of dedicated physiotherapists that have given pain relief and mobility to patients that other centers could not handle.

Dr. S. K. S Marya

(Orthopedics & Joint Replacement, Max Healthcare)
Its one of the best physiotherapy centre I have seen in India. Dr. Ridwana has done a brilliant job, may god bless her. Best wishes to KRV team also.

Late Jagjit Singh

(Ghazal Singer and Composer)
I am very thankful to KRV team for giving me instant relief from my severe back pain. Dr. Ridwana is brilliant.

Mr. Pablo Gasado Borroonal

" I have 98% relief in 8 sessions. Very good personalized staff and excellent treatment options available."

Ms. Johana Barnard

" This is my 10th day feedback. When I visited here at your Sushant Lok Gurgaon Center, I wasn't able to move my left arm but in 2 days sessions, it was functional. Awesome team work and result oriented Company. Thank you KRV."

Shibani Kashyap

Just wanted to thank you for the magic therapy you gave me. It has really helped.

Mr. Vicky Shaw

(President, PGA of India)
KRV and team is doing a brilliant job in treating as well as preventing our golf injuries. We are thankful to KRV and Dr. Ridwana.

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