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KRV Foundation

KRV Foundation, a non profit charitable trust was registered in 2017 is an initiative by Dr. Ridwana Sanam for the welfare of society and underprivileged.Being a self funded initiative , Dr. Ridwana sanam has nurtured the charitable organisation with utmost honesty, compassion, ethics and kept the welfare of the community as her priority. She always contributed every month about 20 percent gross income of KRV Healthcare and Physiotherapy pvt Ltd to KRV foundation for charity.
Our holistic intervention in healthcare, skill development, job consultation and hiring, education, training and women empowerment provides innovative solution to deep rooted problems of our society.

KRV Physiotherapy is committed to the delivery of quality healthcare, and our all therapists and technicians are trained in the latest Physiotherapy techniques. The most important part of treating any injury or chronic condition starts with an accurate diagnosis. We ensure that we analyze all aspects of patient’s history and conduct all the appropriate tests to arrive at the correct diagnosis, before prescribing the course of treatment. Another important aspect that I have personally observed and subscribe to, is the importance of a positive attitude during the healing process. People with a positive attitude respond more effectively to treatment, and we work with our patients on these aspects as well.

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Our physiotherapists are able to combine quality therapeutic exercise with manual techniques such as manipulation to provide the BEST care for many neuro- musculoskeletal problems. And this manipulation is skilled in one programm called manual therapy which they design according to the pain and condition of the patient.

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We help create a care plan that addresses your specific condition and we are here to answer all of your questions & acknowledge your concerns.

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